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This is the podcast dedicated to giving you a no-bullshit look at what it takes to build relationships through video. This is for the scared, the overwhelmed, the awkward as fuck, and all those who believe diy doesn't have to mean amateur, but don't know where to start.

One of my new favourite podcasts. Tors seriously knows her video stuff. Her tips have already upleveled my YouTube videos! I don’t think I need to go to anyone else for video advice ever again, this podcast and the blog is literally all I need.
— Nesha Woolery
Loving the encouragement. I just found Tors and Video Matters and I’m really enjoying her down to earth, super supportive and encouraging episodes.
— GabrielleCT
Love this podcast focused on video marketing. Aside from the host’s smooth British tones, she talks straight from the hip, giving real-world actionable advice that we can all apply to improve our video marketing efforts. I love the mix of short-form lessons and longer-form interviews with guest experts.
— mghnhrtmn
High-value & high-impact. I have enjoyed each episode of the Video Matters podcast. Tors provides valuable insight and actionable advice in a down to earth way. Once you start listening it will be hard to stop!
— LostImages
This was a natural progression to Tors’ amazingness. When I first met Tors she smashed every excuse I had for not doing video and not just with fluff but with practical (shoot now I have to do it) actionable tips. And now we get her every week! Yay!!!!
— Maria-Ines

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Tors Grantham

Tors is a television professional, who studied all aspects of television production before launching her career spanning almost a decade. She's worked with a BAFTA nominated production team, has her own entry on imdb.com, and has even walked the red carpet several (terrifying) times.

She's had chips thrown at her by David Tennant (it was an accident, he's got terrible aim), she's interviewed some amazing actresses, and she attended the cast and crew screening of Empire Strikes Back at the grand old age of four. 

Now she lives in south Wales with a large dog and a small cat, where she uses the knowledge she gained in her television years and beyond, to help online biz owners step in front of the camera and connect with their audience.

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